Sunday, October 3, 2010

September 26- October 2

This was a very busy week! Owen was on the road - even went to Kalamazoo. He hopes he sold a lot of sensors!!!
Laura helped to launch a new website at school, did ELL training and started collaborating with teachers in the building.
Jake got his braces off - he was lucky and our good friend Heather Ellis took him to the orthodontist or he would have had to wait until his Dad was back in town to take him during the day.
Megan got to see Utah State beat BYU as a Freshman and her cousin Shawn and his friends threw her in the air once for every point they made. She then went to her Aunt Kris's house for Conference.
Jake and Owen went to the Priesthood session and then out to dinner at Red Lobster for all you can eat shrimp.
Elizabeth worked hard on her multiplication tables and at reading the Guardians of GaHoole - our Hulstrom Book to Movie Club!
Rachel helped hold us together by helping to get Elizabeth ready for school in the morning when I took Jake to early morning seminary and babysitting and taking to piano lessons until I got home at night. She also is making more $ than anyone as she got to babysit for the Scotern's and the Cleverly's.