Sunday, September 19, 2010

Constitution Day

Much of Mom's week was spend getting ready for Constitution Day. We ordered passports from this site and used this as our basis for a school wide Constitution Day. There is a federal law that requires all publicly funded schools to teach about the Constitution. Dad and Cory Ellis met me early at Hulstrom and we put out 100 flags. We has assemblies helping kids to understand more about the constitution, immigrants and why people have always wanted to come to our country. They were given passports that contained 10 milestones about the Constitution and learned those throughout the day. They took citizenship tests and were sworn in at the end of the day by a Broomfield Veteran as US citizens. It was a lot of work but hopefully memorable!

Yesterday, I got to go with Elizabeth to buy new shoes (I looked down at her on Friday and saw that her heels were over the backs of her sandals) and we went to Katelyn Howard's play. A very fun night!

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  1. I love it! You are a super duper teacher, Miss Library of the Year! That is so awesome! I love that Cory is whistling while he walks! :)