Sunday, August 4, 2013

4th of July and Israelsen Reunion

Dear Megan,

I just got back from the Reunion and I wanted to send you a letter. Its late so I will try to be brief. 

The Reunion was fantastic as usual, however the only ones from our family that could go were Elizabeth and I. Jake and Rachel took all of there time off for the summer to go to china so they couldn't get more time off to go to the Reunion. So Mom stayed to home with Rachel and Jake and Elizabeth and I took off.

Daryl family was in charge this year and they had a Dr. Sues theme. Mandy put together a picture of everyone in the family in a WhoVille type body all holding hands. The picture said "all the Izzy's down in IzzyVille for something like that. Everyone wanted to know how you were doing and they all want you to know that they Love you and pray for you all the time. I believe it to because every prayer that was offered at the reunion they all prayed for you. They all love getting you letters every week and they follow it very closely. Emily starts her mission this week by going to the MTC in Mexico then she heads to Chicago, Spanish speaking. she was worried because she didn't think that she could write letters like you do. That's what she told me anyway. Several of my brothers and sisters commented on your letters, Aunt RuthAnn told me that her sons would only write one or two sentences and they were done.

News from the Reunion: Taylor brought a "new" boyfriend to the reunion. His name is Tanner not Taylor who is scheduled to come home from his mission in a couple of months. I guess this new boy friend is something else if he is replacing the old boyfriend that's still on his mission. ( a little of bit of a scandal  Not really but kind of. You know Taylor, her bestesterest friend). Trevor and his wife are expecting in about 3 weeks ( a boy I think), Mark and Mary are expecting a BOY (after 4 girls) very soon too. Liz just got married about 3 weeks ago to Justin Krough and they seem very happy. They got married in the Nova Scotia Temple. Matt was called to be a Bishop about 3 weeks ago. Mandy and Tyler seem to be coping well after little Marshall death. I talked to Tyler Stout about his sister and how much you enjoyed her in the mission. He said that he talked to his sister about you and how much she liked you also. Elizabeth spent one morning taking care of sammy, Katies baby! (that seemed a little scary but life just keeps moving on)  Eliz was in heaven taking care of all the babies. Camie was there but Justin was on a business trip to China, he has been there for a couple of weeks. Camie is doing so much better after her tubal pregnancy which was very scary.  Valerie stopped by on there way back to Kansas ( they moved there a while ago, not sure if you knew that). Brandon broke his leg several months ago and had to have surgery. He is still limping and trying to get his leg to heal. This has been very hard on him! He has several scares on his leg from the surgery which as pretty nasty. Shawn and Hanna are still living in Grandma and Grandpas basement. Kelly came to the reunion almost the whole time. I think she was trying to put on her best face for this new boy friend of Taylor's but she got a bad headache on Sunday morning and Neal took her home. To bad because I think her favorite part of the reunion is testimony meeting.  Steve was there and he is doing so much better from his cancer. Brittany was there with her little girl, she is recently divorced from Wade. I'm not sure what happened there, but she seems to be coping. Bobbi is planning to go on a mission in the fall. She is just trying to get a job to make enough money to go. 

Most importantly, Grandma and Grandpa said to give you a big hug. So, wrap your arms around yourself and give yourself a big hug from them. They love you so much and are so proud of you. Grandpa says that he has an article that he is going to send to you. Its something about when he was in Belgium, someplace that you will know. He says that he going to have to send it to you over "snail Mail". I also sent around a thing for everyone to write to you so I will send that this week some time.

That was my quick update, Now how are you doing? Did you have a baptism this week? Last week you said that you were close so I'm hoping that it happened or is very close. And it sounded as if your teaching pool is getting very big or bigger. 

At the reunion there was a lot of talk about the new direction of missionary work. Has anything changed for you yet? In such a short time. 

I love you so much, I just want to give you a big hug.

Keep on doing your best and trust in the Lord.



Hi Megan,

How are things going?  I hope you were able to resolve some things with your Dr. and change the meds???  Please let me know.  This week, Rachel and Jake have been working working working!  I have been trying to clean out some drawers and do some technology, reading and catch up.  I am not making much progress.  I drive Rachel (actually I sit in the car and make her drive) to work and then exercise, do some cleaning, take Elizabeth to Mathnasium and swim team, read a little and it is time to pick Rachel up again and make dinner so I just feel like I'm in the car a lot!

Dad and Elizabeth went to the Family Reunion.  They left on Thursday and I haven't heard yet when they are leaving today.  Rachel and I went over to the Ellis's to watch the fireworks after Rachel got off work.  Jake and Luke had a friends BBQ and walked to the Westminster fireworks.  Many cities cancelled their fireworks this year due to fire danger.  Over 500 house burned in CO Springs and several fires are springing up all over the state.  19 Hot Shot Firefighters were killed in AZ last week - crazy how intense the fires have been.  Anyway, the cities didn't shoot them off as high in the air this year but we could see Westminster and Broomfield from their deck.  We liked Broomfield the best, they even spelled out USA in fireworks.  I've never seen that before. On Friday, I went downtown to work with Michelle at the Museum.  We are preparing to do some professional development in Oregon in August.  Her director is trying to put together a job offer for me to join them as well.  It would mean a substantial cut in salary so I don't think I could even consider it especially with you and Jake in school/missions etc. etc. etc.  It would be fun though!! 

Jake took Ciara to the Boulder Dinner Theater last night for her birthday and Rachel got off early because of rain at WW.  I tried to convince her to go to Despicable Me 2 with me but she was to tired.  I will wait and go with you!

This morning I have been busy trying to get together a matching game to teach Families Can Be Together Forever in Primary but I think the older kids will know it so we will spend some time on I Am A Child of God in Chinese.  It takes a lot of time to prepare for 20 minutes of music.....  I also sent out the agenda for a Public Affairs meeting so still trying to do both.  We shall see.

I can't get the Pianostreet people to email me back so Dad and I are going to try to call them this week.  

We tried to get in touch with the Andrews about traveling to the Netherlands but they haven't returned our call - perhaps they are gone for the holiday.  What do you want to do when we come?  We are thinking of making this our 25th wedding anniversary trip too so will come the week before during my spring break (if I can make arrangements for Rachel and Elizabeth).  Viking Cruises is offering a two for one on Rheine and Danube River Cruises if you purchase before the end of July so we are exploring that.  We just want to start making a few plans but want to know what you want to do.  We think with work etc that we can pick you up on April 2 and then plan to fly out on the following Sunday or Monday so that would leave us 5-6 days to explore.  Do you think that is enough or do we need more?  We figure a few days in Belgium/Netherlands and then we are thinking of going over to Germany or Paris and flying out of there.  Any ideas???

I Love You!

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