Friday, July 10, 2015

July 2015

Good Luck on your Mission Michael!!
Dear Elder Israelsen,

So first of all I want to apologize for not sending you an email last week! Ouch. I was traveling on Sunday to Memphis, TN and then I had to drive to a little town in Mississippi. By the time I got to MS I was so tired and I totally forgot to write. Your father is a slacker! I am trying to redeem myself today.

So last week I was traveling to several different customers and I drove every night for about 5 or 6 hours after I spent the day with customers. Finally on Thursday I flew home and then got up on Friday and drove to the family reunion for 8 hours. On the way over we stopped at "little America" for a ice cream cone. We were eating the cones on the a table outside in one of the grassy areas and what would we see but Mark and his family traveling to the reunion. We talked for a while and then left them to get their own cones. They did not show up for about 2 hours after us. It takes a lot longer for travel with little kids.

The reunion was a lot of fun. Neal and Kelly were in charge and they did a carnival where everyone had to come up with a carnival booth. We decided to have a "fish pond" where the little kids put a fishing pole over a sheet and we attached a kid toy (from the dollar store). When they asked us to come up with a booth I joked that we should have a "kissing booth". Well that went a little to far. Rachel made a big sign that said "Kiss Uncle Owen" for $1 (crossed out) .75 (crossed out) .50 (crossed out) .25 (crossed out) and then said free hugs for free. Then she put lip stick on me and I walked around asking if anyone wanted a Kiss. I had a few taker!!! uuugggggg. It made for a good laugh. Last year the theme for the reunion was a "redneck" reunion. maybe they should have had the "uncle" kissing booth for that reunion.

The only bad part of the reunion was that Grandma and Grandpa couldn't come up for everything because Grandpa was really sick. He had a fever of 103 degrees  and just didnt feel good. He had been working so hard to get the cabin ready for the reunion. Over working from what I could tell and he got sick. They even took him in for some chest xrays because several people said that it sounded like he was raspy when he was breathing. It was really hard to have the reunion without them, they were really missed. especially by me. I really look up to my mom and dad, they are amazing people and such a good example of pure love. We even had on family there that when the father was younger he lived with us in our little 3 bedroom house with 10 kids, but my mom and dad opened up their house to someone in need and now 45 years later, that young man was attending our family reunion because he felt like family. Next year when he come we will have to give him part of the chores. Then he will really feel like part of the family.

Because Dad was feeling so bad we didnt even go by the house to see them. He really didnt want to entertain visitors when he was feeling so bad. I guess I will get another chance to see him in a month when I take Rachel to school in the fall. Which is only about 1 1/2 months away. Unbelievable!! We will be down to one kid in the house! I am sorry for Elizabeth, home alone with us for the next 5 years. Hopefully, she will still love us after that?

So now we are at the Beeleks house to visit them for one night (probably the last time we will see Michael before he leaves for his mission on July 22nd). It is fun to see them and make that connection again. I am writing to you on their computer. We were lucky that Rachel got Monday off also so we could stay for one extra day.

I loved your last letter! it sounds like you are having a lot of success. Not just you, but your zone also. Way to go! the Lord is really blessing you.

I love you!!!! DAD

We are on our way to see Michael after the Israelsen Reunion. We are stuck in construction traffic so I'm writing to you on my phone. The reunion was fun. We had 146 people and it rained all night the last night and Sunday so we had to pack a wet tent, I am a fair weather camper. I sent you some pictures. I have a folder of letters to send you. Megan brought Todd up on Saturday and he stayed over until Sunday. He was telling everyone that he is going to marry Megan but last week they were only friends.

Grandma and Grandpa couldn't come because Grandpa was really sick. He had a 102 fever and went in for tests but they decided it was a virus and didn't give him anything and said he couldn't come. It was weird not having them. He was doing better today I guess. It's fun to see everyone and their little kids.

Last week the Supreme Court ruled I favor of gay marriage so it is nice to spend a few days with a group who really tries to live God's law. It will get more and more difficult. Someone said they thought things couldn't get any worse in the 1970's...

I am so proud of you and will try to write more tonight!


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