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June 2, 2013

Dear sister Israelsen,

Sorry I did not write last week, everything flew by so quickly and before I knew it I was traveling for work again.

This week I went to Hormel to install our new system for them to evaluate. I went with 3 engineers from our office and it took the whole week to install and get the system to work right. Wow! that was hectic. Meanwhile Mom was here trying to get everyone ready for the China trip, our family and all the other people from the school that are going. I am getting very excited but it takes a lot of work to get everyone where they need to be.

Rachel started work at Water World this past week and I think she is enjoying it a lot more than last year when she was a garbage picker upper. In fact, its a little funny because the life guards kind of think they are on the top of the totem pole. Which they kind of are. Plus, Rachel went to Eliches this week with some of her friends after they sent her home from work because it was kind of an overcast day and they didnt need all the life guards. Boy is she lucky. Tonight, she is packing for the trip and her room is not clean! Shock!! We told her it had to be clean before she left, she may be sitting home by herself. I'm not confident that her room will be done by the morning.

Elizabeth is in full summer mode. She likes to stay up late and sleep in when she can. She is signed up for swimming 3 days a week and then we are going to sign her up for Mathnazium again when we get back. I think that everyone will have to work through the summer with not time off when we get back, so Elizabeth and I will probably go to the Reunion by ourselves this year. We'll see how that goes when we get back also.

So everyone in the ward has had their graduation party now. Good! one more thing to check off the list. I guess Kawika barely graduated from High school and I dont think he is planning on going on a mission. He could still surprise us but the rest of the guys are going (Josh, Trent, Jake, Brady,  and maybe Garron will go on a service mission). Thats a lot of people. We went from all of those guys in the Priest quorum to just Curtis Murphy. They all became Elders over the past couple of week. 

I dont know if we told you but Jake was ordained to an Elder just 2 weeks ago. It came up so suddenly. I had the pleasure to ordain him, with the Stake President there. He has also decided to get is Patriarchal blessing. Not sure when he is going to do it but he got his recommend. Its all going by so fast. In fact, I think if he wants to go on his mission in April/May timeframe he will have to put his papers in sometime in january or February! Thats just around the corner!! We will pick you up and send him off in about a month or 2. Cripes!!!!!!! 

The Priesthood asked me again about doing your plaque. What is your favorite scripture that you would like on the plaque? your choice or I will put the one that is on your home page. 

I love reading your letters! Its the highlight of my week. I am so proud of how your are doing! It is hard when you open a new area and start from scratch! I hope you are able to teach more now that you are getting familiar with the area. It sounds like things are moving along. Even being able to help the less active is important. So keep up the good work.

I LOVe YOU!!!!


Dear Megan,

We are madly trying to finish packing so this will be short - sorry!  Rachel just got off of work at Water World and she is much farther behind than she led me to believe.  We may never go to sleep - well at this point she is on her own as she has had all week.  She may be pulling an all nighter. 

Dad was gone this week trying to make sure that his Hormel sensor project worked.  He had a terrible first day but after that the tide turned and the project has proven successful since.  Here is hoping that they continue to get good results and he can sell this!  

I went to Boulder to exchange money for yuan twice and finally was able to get some.  The exchange rate is 5.3 and Mao's gigantic picture is on every bill - it looks like play money.  

I lost my wallet this week and went into a panic.  I was at Kohl's trying to pick up a few things for the girls and when I left, I saw that I didn't have my glasses so I took the stuff out of my purse to see if they were at the bottom of my purse.  I back tracked but was late to pick up Elizabeth from swim team so left the store on Colorado and ran to get her.  I was going to dinner with Christina and Tara to celebrate making it through one more year and had to call them about the being late.  I called Kohl's and they didn't have it so I said a prayer and drove over there to see if I could find it.  As soon as I walked into the store, there it was on the display where I had stopped to look through my purse for my glasses.  I was so thankful!  I had money and all my credit cards, driver's license etc. in preparation for our trip and didn't know what we would do if it had been stolen.  I was soooooo lucky.  We were 30 minutes late to dinner but all's well that ends well.

Conner is going to come over and water the flowers and garden - yes in the middle of all the chaos you Dad put in two raised beds.  I picked up some plants that are well on their way since we are late in the growing season and we planted them yesterday - crazy!  We will see if anything grows.  How much should I pay Conner?  What did your pay per day translate into?

Dad got home late Friday night after Michael Thornton had been here for about 4 hours.  We had a fried chicken dinner and talked to him until late.  He got up and went downtown Denver to take another test after the magic test taking breakfast of eggs and blueberries.  He left after his all day test and flew back to UT.  He had pictures of his cute new baby boy Clark who is 4 weeks old.  I think it must be hard for Mandy to have him in the family so close to Marshall.  

Well, when we get back, I will check on your classes, send you some skirts and start planning for our trip to the Netherlands!  

We won't have much access to wifi so I'm not sure if we will be able to write to you this week but we will try.  I checked out a few videos from the library to educate us a little more and we are excited but also worried about the long flight ahead of us tomorrow.  We will have adventures to tell you the next time we are able to!

Take Care!  We love you!

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