Sunday, July 28, 2013

May 26, 2013

Hello Zuster!

How are you? We think of you often and hope that all is well with your health and with your new assignments. We are amazed by your diligence and know that the President must have complete faith in you to give you these assignments. 

We flew through the last week of school - finals for Rachel in every class and she aced them all! Elizabeth had commencement on Friday from 5th grade and Jake worked everyday - window wells or landscaping. Dad and I were frantically trying to inventory the library, go to awards ceremonies and Dad worked everyday to try to get his sensors working for the smokehouse order. Please pray for him as he flies out tomorrow morning to go install it - they say they are giving them one chance and that is it. We were also trying to get the house and yard ready for Jake's graduation party. We decided to have burgers, dogs and have Dad cook them. It all worked out, 
Luke's family brought the decorations and drinks and we did the rest of the dinner. Many people from the ward came and supported Jake and then his friends hung around until midnight. It was a nice evening and I am getting a little more relaxed with having people at our house but I'm still wound a little tight. It all worked out.  Rachel started at Water World yesterday with opening day - she is lifeguarding and complains a lot but is secretly liking it I think. Jake really likes the window well job and is learning a lot.  I have one more day of school and then will work like crazy to get ready for China - one crazy thing after another! It will be good to sit for 15 hours on a plane I think. Well, maybe not. Well, I am going to end this email as the missionaries are coming over for dinner and I need to fix dinner - we are having leftovers from the party. I will email pictures later. Love you, Mom Sent from my iPad

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