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March 10, 2013

Okay...I admit defeat in the Blog department and have resorted to posting the letters we are writing to Megan as they tell about what is happening in our family right now. It is the least and the most that I can seem to do at this juncture... :) Dear Sister Israelsen, Well, another week. I really dont have very much to say this week. I went to San Antonio for a conference that I could not get out of. I was alright, my boss came out for one night to help me with a little table top display that we hosted for one night. Otherwise it was uneventful. The sisters called me 2 times this week. One to help teach a younger man that they just found. I couldnt help them because I was in San Antonio but then they called again last night to see if I would help teach an older Lady. Ive taught her several times with the missionaries but she never seems to make it to church. The last time I was there about a year ago the spirit was very strong and she seemed to want to come but when sunday rolls around she doesnt quite make it. I guess well see how it goes this time. Rachel make it in to one of the "one act" plays and is starting practice after school really soon. I dont have all the details, I hope she writes to tell you. Jake started swimming with the high school team this week. I think he was really glad that club swim was over. Steve told him that he made state that he would come to watch. I think that Steve is going to miss him also. I'm hoping to sign Elizabeth up for snappers this month. She really needs something to do and to be active. She is in her chior at school and they are putting on some Pirate Play in the next month or so. Their Choir is also going to sing the national anthem at a Rockies game. I think that is also next month. Sounds cold. Just a side note, Kawika Haley and Trenton Brown are in the musical, "The unsinkable Molly Brown" this weekend. Kwika is a the Lead and Trenton is the Father of Molly Brown. It should be good. Kawika has not been coming to church lately and Mom needed his information for Teacher Appreciation, so I went over and got all the information for that and then I grilled him a little bit about coming to church. I really wish he would come. If you have not heard by now Mandy's son Marshall passed away on Monday and they had his funeral yesterday. It's really sad, everything seemed to be going okay for him and then he got some sort of infection and just like that he was gone. I know it has been a rough road for Mandy and husband (name I cannot recall right now). Keep them in your prayers. He came to earth received his body and now he will be with all of those marvelous family members that have gone before him. Michael Thornton and his wife and daughter were going to come this weekend but since the funeral was Saturday they couldn't come. Shannon (Michael wife) is also pregnant. I'm sure that will make them worry. I talked to Michael about there last child, because shannon had a hard time with depression when she was born. He is just glad that they are not in NYC this time and they have family to help them this time. Sister Harrison told me that she loved reading you letters every week. She even asked how she could write back. I told her that you might look at the blog and if you did that she could write a note or reply and you would see it. So, let me know if you actually see the blog? So I can let her know. Don't hold you breath though, she may ask but that doesnt mean she will write. Also, sister Richins asked about you. She loves hearing how things are going. She told me that Justin was having a great time at BYU I. He said that too many girls were asking him out. I say Boo Hoo!! But he is loving it there. I love reading you letters and I Love the pictures too. Keep them coming if you can. I know it can get hectic and you are not always prepared to take a picture. But I like them when you can send them. Keep up the good work!! I love you!! Dad Hello Megan! It sounds like you are happy and enjoying your move to Doordrecht. I looked it up on the map and there was only one o in it - so which way is the correct spelling? I know 5 months - amazing! It still sometimes seems like a long time and then it seems like a short time. I was doing some grading this weekend and watched an Animoto where a 7th grader was trying to persuade you that global warming was going to cause catastrophic change and one of his examples was that melting icebergs would raise the ocean and that the Netherlands would be gone in 20 years. I thought it was good that we were going to see it now then! :) Dad was gone again this week - always so much more difficult when he is gone. He was in San Antonio at a conference and we were here trying to keep it together. TCAP testing started this week and so Jake pretty much didn't have school all week - he had a party at our house until late every night even though we all had to go to school every day! I think he had fun and I like his new friend Dan (at least he is new to me). He is very funny. Elizabeth and I went to 6th grade information night at Silver Hills - wierd and I hope she will be okay at a large middle school. She was thrilled and decided to take Spanish and Choir. I really need to get her signed up for voice lessons. Michael and his wife didn't come because of the funeral on Saturday so we didn't get to see them. We sent Mandy a large planter and signed your name too. It is so sad and seems like Mandy gets more than her fair share of heartache. I know she is concerned about being able to start a family. What a difficult thing for them. Did you hear anything from Tyler's sister? I sent Marshall's last blog from Mandy but it is almost more than you can take to read it. I did more ward training for the website today and am trying to talk to all of the seniors to make sure that they are ready for Thursday. I can't wait until it is over! Well, I need to print a letter for a last minute addition. We just learned on Friday that Bro. Dixon has an inactive daughter who is graduating and when we heard about her, we invited her to be a part of the program and she jumped at it. I called her teacher on Friday but need to send her a letter. Anyway, again I can't wait until it is over! Attached is a picture of our house today defrosting (check out the icicles) after a huge snowstorm on Saturday that dumped a foot of snow - why oh why can't it happen during the week? It is supposed to be 75 degrees on Thursday. The roller coaster weather is typical March I guess. The other two are from picture wars with Rachel on the phone - she always wins... the big bottom lip was a response to me saying no to ice cream - so after that I of course had to say yes and stop at the store - to funny! Take care my lovely daughter! Love you, Mom

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