Sunday, March 31, 2013

March 24, 2013

Dear Sister Israelsen, First of all, just let me say that your mom and I will not be contacting your mission president or wife over health issues. We just want you to know that you should continue to talk to us about any issues you may have. We want to know what is happening in your life and we will never quit on that. I am not sure why your president would tell you not to talk to us about these issues. You should consult your parents about any health issues!! Ok that is out of the way. This week I had to travel to El Paso, TX for 2 days to do some training for one of my customers. It was nice down in Texas. Then I got back to Denver and the next day it snowed! A Lot!! about 10 inches. I took Jake to get his wisdom teeth out on Friday morning and he seems to be doing really well. He is only a little swollen and he has been up and about without much pain. I know he doesnt feel the best but he seems to be getting around really well. Oh, buy the way Emily Israelsen received her mission call and she is going to the Chicago misson speaking Spanish. I think that she will do great there. Chicago is not exactly the safest place in the world, but what a great opportunity. Kent, Christy, Hunter, Michael, Kateland, and Naomi came to Denver and they stayed with us Saturday night and then went to church with us today. Kent has to go to a conference in down town denver for part of this week so they all came to get away for spring break. It was a lot of fun to have them here. Kent is alway teasing everyone and then we all start to tease back. He kept trying to get Jake's goat but Jake just wasnt having it. Jake and Rachel have been applying for jobs for the summer. Jake keeps hoping that he will be able to be the next head guard. Rachel is just hoping that she can get on at Northglenn so that she will not have to work at Waterworld but she is still applying so she covers all of her bases. I look forward to your letters every Monday!! I Love you! DAd. Hello! You will get several messages from me because I have photos saved in several places. It was the longest week ever! I thought it would never end! Everyone just wanted to get to spring break and get out of the building! Dad went to El Paso for two days this week. Jake had a swimming meet, Rachel did more play practicing and Elizabeth had her performance of Pirates! The Musical. I'm going to try to send Jake's butterfly event this week. He won and is so close to a state time! He got his wisdom teeth out on Friday and is having a great recovery. He didn't swell very much and doesn't have much pain. He had Dad take a video of him when he came out of anesthesia - too funny! Friday night started a huge snow storm - why does it always happen on the weekend? Does everyone in the world hate teachers? All the snow days have come on the weekend. Dad and I shoveled out driveway and then helped Nicole's Mom with their driveway because he is out of town. Kent and his family drove down from Wyoming on Saturday. They had good weather until they got to Cheyenne and then they hit the huge snow storm. We had a fun weekend with them. They just left. We showed them the zombie winter percussion video on Youtube after they asked what the scary picture of you was in your room. Their kids, Hunter, 12 Michael, 10 Katelyn 8 and Naomi is 6. They are all high energy but especially Kent! I am exhausted after teaching all week and then trying to clean and cook all weekend! I am so glad there isn't any school tomorrow! It was fun to have them though. Kent has a conference and they are staying in Denver for the next three nights. We are thinking about going to Santa Fe for a few days if Jake feels up to it and going to hike the tents and perhaps rent some SUV's and explore downtown and the plaza. We just need to get out of town for a little bit. We love you and are very proud of you! Love you, Mom Sent from my iPad

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