Sunday, September 1, 2013

Elizabeth to Temple and Jake get Patriarchal Blessing

Elizabeth at Denver Temple doing Baptisms for the Dead with YW
Dear Little Megan,

How are you?  I hope we aren't giving you to much to read this week.  I know I sent a lot of emails, links to movies and questions.  Hope you still have time to write after reading everything.  Dad and Rachel are at Seminary kick off right now!  Today, I had primary music and Jake had his last Sunday in the ward before leaving for USU.  Can you believe it?  I wish you were both going to be there at the same time but not sure if that will happen at all.  Isn't that weird?  We have been busy packing him up and getting last minute items.  

I started back to work all week and was in and out of meetings and school.  We are trying to start a BYOD (bring your own device) policy at Hulstrom and have the kids bring in either iPads or Chromebooks.  It will be an interesting journey.  We met with district IT on Friday and talked about how it will take $200,000 to upgrade our bandwidth just in our building alone.  I am  not sure how this is going to happen but I guess we will start fundraising asap.   

I had some teacher training at the CO History Museum on Thursday and Friday.  This year they are starting a new evaluation system that promises to be difficult to understand and potentially punitive for teachers.  I am concerned about the roll out and we got to talk to the state about it on Friday.  

Tuesday, I drove the YW to do baptisms for the dead at the Temple.  Elizabeth was so excited and had a great time.  They don't let big groups schedule before 3 now and are open for drop in baptisms.  It has been very successful and they have about 80 people a day coming in to do baptisms.  

Dad and I tried to go on a bike ride Saturday morning since he was out of town all week but when we unloaded the bikes, my tire was flat and that was after Dad had worked on it for an hour before that.  So, we had to load it back up and go home.  Bummer!  It was my last Saturday before school starts.  I can't seem to find the will to face it and seem very anxiety ridden about returning.  I'm not sure why.  

Kris sold her house and they are moving to Draper so I am not sure where we are going to stay when we take Jake on Saturday but Rachel is coming with us to move him in.  We will send pictures from Utah next week!

We had to postpone Elizabeth's birthday party because it was 60 degrees on the 7th and we didn't think the girls would have much fun at Waterworld so we are going tomorrow.  It is my last day of freedom as manditory meetings begin on Tuesday.  It should be fun hopefully although lugging tubes uphill isn't really my idea of a good time.  Elizabeth is so excited!  

I love you,
Dear Megan,

Okay now I can respond to you. I had to go back a re-read your letter. Mom even added a picture of Fufu that she found on the internet. Do you have any idea how amazing your mother is? She seems to have so much energy, I just cannot seems to keep up with her. 

This month I have really been working hard to get ready for seminary. Getting up at 5am will be hard to begin with, since I have been staying up late and getting up late all summer. One of the things that I have been drawn to is a devotional that featured the head of the seminary program. He said that it is okay to have doubts. Doubts about the church, doubts about your life, doubts about your situation, etc..... But what you do with those doubts is what counts. If you soften your heart to listen to the Lord, and try to find the answers in the scriptures, and live the commandments, then the Lord will answer your prayers and turn your doubts into Faith. Building faith over time from one trial to the next, until you come to the perfect knowledge of the truth. It doesnt all happen at once but after much patience, then you will receive "line upon line, and precept upon precept". 

In your letter it sounded like you followed the path to gain greater faith, not more doubt. You are an amazing daughter!, and you are a wonderful example to me. In fact, I went back to my missionary journal to see how I was feeling at times, especally when we couldnt get anyone to listen. it seems like after the trial of my faith, then the Lord would bless me when I least expected it. Keep up the good work and He will bless you, when you least expect it. In fact, it sounds like he is blessing you already. Take every small/large blessing and write it down. You will see that he is extending His tender mercies everywhere. And not just for you, but people around you.

Okay, now I want to be less dramatic. I had to travel for a couple days this week, but it felt like a month. I have been back to Hormel so many times. This big account started with a couple problems and then started to be increadably great. Then all of the sudden it started to go bad again. We are having problem after problem with the loggers going bad, the system works great and then we will get a logger that leaks! Arg, the one problem that we thought we would never have. anyway work is....well, work.

The ward had a 40 day fast that ended today. The ward mission leader (bro. brink) got everyone to sign up for a dinner over 40 days and then had the families fast the day the sister came to their house. Then they broke their fast with dinner and a spiritual thought from the sister encouraging us to "open our mouths" and invite our friends. We have been thinking about your last letter and wondering who we could invite. We are waiting for the right moment but I think we will invite our neighbors across the street. They have a girl one year younger than Elizabeth and then we will invite the sister also. We are trying to be better missionaries!

We are also trying to do better at reading the scriptures at night. Jake and Rachel have been reading the BoM on their own so we decided to read the D&C. Still trying to get better at every night. Not the most successful but plugging along anyway.

Jake is getting is Patriarticle blessing tomorrow night. Those of us that can fast, will but I am really looking forward to listening. He leaves next week for School and like you we are really going to miss him. I cant believe that it is hear already. 

Well, that seems to be all the news that I can think of, I know your mother sent her letter again from last week that wouldnt send and she sent some China pictures.

I know the Lord has been blessing you with tender mercies. Sometimes things are hard but keep your chin up, remember what the Lord has done for you and then you will be able to continue with a smile. 

I love you so much, and miss you. Lose yourself in the work and the Lord will bless you. 


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