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July 2013

Elizabeth with Mom and Dad at Garden of the Gods
Hi Zuster!

First, we just got an update from Emily so here is her post if you are interested.  I am recording Emily's MTC experiences on a blog so you can view her letters and photos. 
Thanks to Laura for her help. Click on this link.

I mostly get in the car and drive with Rachel to Waterworld everyday.  She is working, working, working and her shift is usually Thunderbay which is a little stressful.  She can count on at least one save a day and has had a few rough ones lately.  Elizabeth is still working hard at Mathnasium and finished swimming.  She spent her last Sunday in Primary today.  Weird that I will no longer have any children in Primary - then I drive Jake to school in a few weeks - stop the torture already!  

Tuesday, I was meeting with some teacher friends about online stuff and got a text from Loralee.  Apparently Jake had been trying to call me but the call didn't go through.  He was injured at the work site and had to go to the emergency room for stitches.  He was pushing a wheelbarrow full of rocks and got a running start and the front of the wheelbarrow hit a grate and stopped but Jake didn't.  His leg hit a bolt on the wheelbarrow which split open his shin and then cut down.  It is not a nice injury and there will be a pretty good scar for him to remember Egress by.  We went to the dr. the next morning though and he was cleared to work on Thursday.  So, we wrapped his leg up good and he worked on Thursday and Friday.  He is on antibiotics and doing a good job of keeping it wrapped.  
Stitches!  Manly Scar!

Still Standing!

Matt and Becca Thornton and Family

Elizabeth and kids at Garden of the Gods

Matt and Becca and their family came to visit us this week.  They arrived on Wednesday night and stayed until Friday about noon.  We fed them here on Wednesday and then on Thursday, we drove to see the Temple and then to The Garden of the Gods and Red Rocks.  On Friday, they drove through Rocky Mountain National Park and then on to Glenwood Springs to sit in the hot springs.  They saw Moose and baby moose, mountain goats and elk.  I think they saw more than we usually  see.  It was fun to have them but I decided I am to old for grandchildren.  Thursday night we kept the 5 kids so that Matt and Becca could go to Boulder, Pearl Street and eat at Cheesecake.  The boys knocked the medicine cabinet off the wall and broke it so you and Elizabeth will get to have something new in your bathroom!  It was fun to see them and I can tell that Matt feels the weight of the world on him as the Bishop of his ward and Becca seems overwhelmed with it as well.  They have a very young family to have that kind of a calling.  I wish them all the best and hope that we made their vacation a little  easier.  We cooked on the deck and had sausages and pancakes for breakfast.  You dad left me to make pancakes on Thursday morning when he had jury duty and I left him on Friday morning when I took kids down to the History Museum to give some feedback on a new website about Amache that opens the museum experience to you online.  They had some great ideas and the site is amazing.  

I went to see Curtains as the Arvada center on Friday night with the ladies except for Alice.  At the last minute, Bruce has some chest pain and when they took him in they found that he needed 4 stents in his heart but can only to 2 at a time.  He has 4 veins that are 80-90% blocked.  Can you believe that with his exercise schedule?  He is very upset but I am glad they found it before he had a heart attack.  It is important to take care of yourself!  I didn't like Curtains that much.  The cast worked so hard and it is a fun show within a show but it just lacked something...  We are changing it up next year and seeing different things, a new dinner theatre in Longmont, the symphony is doing a Beatles show at the Paramount, the new musical that won the Tony for Best Picture "Once" next May.  It should be a fun year to try new things.  

Today I did a primary song review by playing pictionary with the songs they need to know for the program.  Next week we start learning A Child's Prayer - any suggestions as to how to teach that?  

We didn't hear back from Zuster Robinson and don't dare count on your release date so we think we will have to let the river cruise offer go - bummer.  Keep us posted.  Once we meet up with you, we just want to do what you want to do.  

How is your transfer?  Do you just have one companion now?  I would guess that you are going to be training all the time from now on.  

Love you,

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