Sunday, September 1, 2013

Dad Goes To Girl's Camp!

Rachel, Elizabeth and Dad at Girls Camp in Estes Park

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I make this horse also named Rachel look good!

Say What?
Dear Zuster Israelsen,

Well, its Elizabeths birthday today. thank heavens its finally here, She has been talking about it for 6 months. She wanted to wake everyone up at 7:30am to open presents but I told her that would not be the best idea. Instead of having a pleasent day, Rachel and Jake would be mad the whole time. So at 8am this morning I told your mother that Elizabeth must not be that excited because she didnt wake us up, but then we went into the front room and there she was waiting for all of us to get up! You would think that it was Christmas. She has also be relishing the fact that she did not have to do anything today. No job, no dishes, anything!

I have been trying to get ready for seminary by taking some training online. It has been helpful to organize my thoughts and how I want to segment the scriptures to get maximum coverage. I am very excited to teach BOM this year. More so than I have been for the Old and new testament. I really want to get a better understanding of the Book of Mormon, so maybe my excitement is purely personal. I have been teaching the Sophomores but they had over 30 freshman sign up this year so they are going to put the freshman and sophomores together and then split them in half between brother Green and me. I hope it works out well. I am going to still team teach with Sister Jones. She always took over for me when I had to leave town for my trips. Which was about once a month. 

I have another inservice seminary teacher training in the morning, 6am. I have been sleeping in for the summer so I have to get back to the 5am routine again. 

Well, this week I went on the YW's campout. I had a blast! I loved going with Elizabeth and Rachel as well as the other girls in the ward. Rachel is away very nice to the other girls and makes them feel a part of the group. I love that about her. Elizabeth got to go even though she was not 12 for 3 more days (she is still learning how to camp and not whine). We went on about a 7 mile hike to Bear Lake, Nimph lake, dream lake, and emerald lake. Then we went to a couple of waterfalls. On our way to one of the water falls the girls saw a mother bear and her 2 cubs that just walked across the trail like they were not even there! I was so bummed that I did not get to see it!!! I was in the back helping the stragglers. The next day we went on a 3 hour horseback ride. That was ammazing!!, the horses were very docile but we went up and down some very steep mountains that were pretty scary. Elizabeth did so well on the horse and she loved it. after awhile she said she was bored and then the really steep parts came and she wasnt bored anymore. Rachel's horse tripped and fell to its knees one time, that was scary. She said that was her first time riding without a leader just holding the horse. Which made me wonder if you have ridden a horse and maybe we should go next summer. 3 hours was plenty of time because my hips and knees started to ache. The girls had a testimony meeting on wednesday night, but very few of them bore their testimonies. I was a little disappointed but we only went for one night and it was hard to get in the mood in such a short period of time. The spirit was still there.

A couple of people in the ward wanted to know if they could write to you and I thought the best way was to post a message to your blog page. So, look for any postings over the next week or 2. The people that really want to write are Sister Carlson and Brother Kirby. They ask about you every Sunday. You must have made a great impression on them while you were in their Sunday School class. 

It sounds like you have been busy with changes again, but you have been having some success. I know the Lord will bless you and the members of the church in your area. The Lord has been hastening his work even more with this new change for younger missionaries. I heard a quote today that the Lord needs more missionaries because Jesus Christ himself is hastening the work. Not that missionaries are out to find more and more, but that the Lord has prepared more people to hear the gospel and He is training teachers (missionaries) to teach them. 

I know you will do your best to help the Lord. I am so proud of you! and Love you so much. 

Love, DAD  

Hello Zuster!

Happy Birthday!  Hey! Rachel, Be Happy!

Birthday Clothes!
Today was Elizabeth's birthday!  I can't believe she is 12 and went to YW for the first time.  I no longer have any kids in Primary - weird!  You are so good to remember everyone's birthday and get a card to them on time.  She was very excited to open your card!  It was an interesting week.  Rachel, Elizabeth and Dad went to Estes Park overnight and rode horses with the YW.  I will let them tell you about it but they seemed to all have a great time.  I stayed home and went to the Dr., worked on my presentation for later this month in Oregon and other exciting stuff like shop for birthday, college stuff etc.  We fed the missionaries (all 4 of them) on Monday night, they are doing a 40 day fast in the ward and challenging each family to pray about missionary experiences.  Then I went over to Eileen Campbell's to listen to Alice tell us about how Bruce is doing with his heart stuff.  He had his 4th stent put in this week (4 blocked veins 80-90% each).   Anyway, they caught it in time and he should live a long and happy life. Jake and I went shopping on Saturday finally as he is leaving soon and I haven't been able to pin him down.  I also got to take care of the Ellis's dogs as the girls and dad were gone.  They get more treats when I go over because I don't like them to jump on me.  

Elizabeth pulled out another tooth today, it is a wonder she can eat anything!

Another Missing Tooth!
Today was Primary music and Just Serve committee meetings around Elizabeth's birthday.  She has been so excited all day.  Rachel did her hair and she got a new dress.  She had a temple recommend interview and gets to go to the temple on Tuesday to do baptism's for the dead.  I get to go with them.  She had ice cream cake and more presents tonight.  

I am going to go into school tomorrow - AUGHHHHH!  I can't quite face it but here we go I guess.

Love you!

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