Sunday, November 3, 2013

Babes in the Back Country

Eileen, Laura, Alice, Loralee, Amy in Aspen, September 2013

Hi Megan,

How are you? Your letters are wonderful and you sound like you are working hard and enjoying your time as a missionary. How is your health? What are you eating? What do you need? It was a busy week this week - like usual. Lots of testing and teaching in the Library. We finally had a district librarian meeting which was good and hopefully we are headed in the right direction finally. I have no faith in our district anymore. Christina and I are working to pass a Bring Your Own Device Policy with Parents and PTA. It has been a lot of work to put together a presentation and we are getting ready to present at PTA.  I have been on conference calls with teachers around the world starting the Flat Classroom Project again. It is so fun to connect students with other students and watch them collaborate on a multimedia project.  It was my annual Girl's Weekend this weekend - Babes in the Backcountry trip. We went to Carbondale so we could stay halfway between Glenwood and Aspen. We were going to ride the train but last Monday, I got an email saying that the tracks had been damaged in the flood and that they were going to put us on a bus. We decided we did not want to ride a bus so we canceled the Amtrak trip and Loralee drove her car. What a bummer! We wanted to see the different route and the leaves from the train. The flooding has affected so many things! Amy Lloyd came with us this year and we had a wonderful time! We ate at some fun restaurants including a taco dive that is delicious! We ate some amazing BBQ last night We shopped in Aspen, Glenwood and some of the Basalt shops, watched a homecoming parade in Basalt and the Carbondale Potato Days Parade - who knew there were so many parades! The flowers are still beautiful but not for much longer, we woke up to snow on the rooftops on Friday. We hiked around the area too. There is an amazing flower garden for John Denver in Aspen and they had an outside farmer's market that was fun to wander through. I sent you a few pictures of the weekend. I am back tonight inspecting Rachel's room and getting ready for another week. I came home to a very clean house. You Dad is so nice to always try to make sure that I don't come home to a mess.  We talked to Jake and we are trying to figure out how to get him to conference next Saturday. The leaves are so amazing that I think we will drive through the canyon to Kris's house and then she says we are going to take the light rail into SLC for conference so we won't have to deal with traffic. Then we are going to take Jake back to Logan Sunday morning and head out. It will be a whirlwind but hopefully worth it. I really hate giving up my sit around in my pj's weekend but I hope this creates some memories! Kris is suddenly saying today that Nathan and Ryan won't be able to sit through Conference so they aren't going to go. So...I guess Jake gets to go to two sessions and possibly bring a friend. Look for us in the Saturday afternoon session! We will be thinking of you! Love to you!

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