Sunday, November 3, 2013

September 2013 Missionary Letters

Hello Megan!
How are things in the land of the tulips? We miss you and are thinking of you often lately. Today was Josh's farewell and he goes into the MTC on Wednesday. Our ward will have 5 missionaries out - so weird - I don't remember ever having this many missionaries from a ward we have been in while in Colorado! Trenton will go out in December and then we will have 6! Unbelievable!
Can you tell me what your luggage brand is and if you like it? The Brown's are asking for a suggestion for luggage for missionaries - if you know of one you like better let me know about that too.
I had a busy week at school. It was Constitution Day - I sent you a few pictures and we put 100 flags up in front of the school again. It always looks to great! We studied George Washington and won a picture of him from Mount Vernon.
Rachel and Elizabeth had YW in Excellence on Wednesday night. It was fun - they did a Dorothy skit and Rachel was funny. Elizabeth quoted the 6th article of faith from memory and Rachel sang a solo. Rachel is singing a lot lately, she even sang the National Anthem at the Softball game this week - a solo....
We fed the sister missionaries Friday night and had breakfast for dinner. They are an interesting pair. One is a 25 year old form Toole and the other a 19 year old from Cour d' Lane Idaho.
We got tickets to conference today so it looks like we are going to drive to SLC for conference. We have tickets to the Saturday afternoon and Priesthood sessions. 7 for the first and 4 for the second so we will have to split into 2 groups with the Beelek's.
I am getting the kids ready for the Primary Program and hoping that they are ready for Sacrament Meeting. They put Sis. Haley in as YW President today. I really liked Sis Theurer as YW President. She was so good to Elizabeth and I am sorry to see her leave.
Take Care! I love you!
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I just got off the phone with Jake and he sounds tired. He says that he doesnt get to bed before midnight and he is up for his 7:30 class every day. I think it wears him out sometimes. But I remember what it is like when you are on campus. It always seems like something is going on. He says that he is doing well and all his classes are going well, but his calc class is hard an he only has a 82% on his homework. I dont think that he has had a test yet and I think he is getting nervous about it. Did he tell you that he is the first counselor in the Elders quorum. He said that he is working on getting all the home teaching companions together but he is saving all the good looking dorm rooms for himself (selfish!!). He went on a date the other night to the wind caves with some girl and he doubled with one of his new found friends.
We are thinking of going to conference in SLC. The stake finally got us some tickets and we are trying to decide if we really want to drive that far for just the weekend. It will be a pain but I think it will be worth it. I've never even been in the conference center (EVER). So I would like to go. 
This week was rather boring for work. but I was able to sell quite a bit, which will be nice because commission has been a little low lately.  I did talk to David Leslie and he asked about you and how you were doing? He always was a fan of yours. He said that James is going to graduate this year and is thinking of graduate school.
Josh Clarine gave his farwell talk today and I think he is leaving on his mission on Wednesday. It seems odd that they are all going on missions now. Trent will be next in a month or two. Trent, Kawika, and Bro. Cleverly sang today and they sounded wonderful. However, they could have used Jake (Im not biased though). They could have used you! By the way Rachel sang the National Anthem for a softball game on Saturday, she tried to get someone to sing with her but nobody in her group (forget the name) could sing with her. Her voiced has really matured and she can sing harmony like nobodies business. I can hardly wait for you two to get together and sing! That would make a Dads heart swell up and bring a tear to his eyes. 
So enough about us, how are you doing? are you getting enough to eat and do you have enough money? How are your investigaters coming along. I know you have a baptism scheduled soon, is that still going well? How is your companion? Is she adjusting okay?
tell us about a typical day. I know we have asked before but I though you might have a different perspective now that you are "old hand" at it now. I have been diligently reading the BoM but I think I have lost focus on my, Christ like attribute, because I am looking for so many other things in my teaching. I notice the attributes but I really dont get time to study them like I want. All because I am focused on what I am teaching this week, or next week, or tomorrow for that matter. Tell us about your mission president and his wife. Do you see them very often? Do you write a letter to him every week? Have they started the "social networking" part of missionary work that the general authorities talked about several months ago?
Anyway, I love you!!!

Dear Sister Israelsen,

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