Sunday, November 3, 2013

Canning Tomatoes, School Starts and Jake at USU

Hello Little Megan!

How are things in the land of the tulips?  What a week - first week back with 5 full days at school.  I am exhausted! The library is slammed all day trying to get everyone oriented to the resources and make sure that they know what to do.  It is fun but very tiring.  Dad was gone all week which makes things even more interesting for me.  Rachel was great help picking up Elizabeth at the bus stop and taking her to Mathnasium and then I would pick her up.  She goes to school so late and gets home so late that schedules are crazy to coordinate.  I went to Legacy for the Parent Info night and went from class to class on Rachel's schedule.  She has a hard schedule with challenging classes but she is up for the challenge!  They are making the move to standards referenced grading and it will be more difficult to get a high gpa I think.  The trade off is supposed to be a greater ability to pinpoint the weak spots and help the kids.  Thursday night, I met President Hatch and Hickman at the church with Sis. Hart and we went to the Cross of Christ Church to meet with Pastor Ann and drop off a housewarming gift for their new addition.  She took us on a tour and we took a picture of Christ.  I sent that email to you so you could see what we sent.  It was a nice time and we are making some strides into other churches and slowly making headway and relationships.  Dad and I went crazy with errands yesterday, we had to pick out tile for the basement bathroom and also tried to choose a cabinet.  We also went out to the farmer's market to pick up some tomatoes.  Rachel is craving macaroni.  The tomatoes were $64 per bushel but we just bit the bullet and got 2 bushel.  We are going to can tomatoes all day tomorrow.  I hope it goes fast.  It is Labor Day weekend over here, can you believe it?  There are only 5 Sunday's left before the Primary Program and some of our songs are not ready so I need to get busy with that. Today was fast Sunday and it is so hard for Elizabeth but even with the Ellis boys eating, she held her guns and didn't eat.   I am sending you a link to our family blog.  I am not as good at keeping it updated as I have been with your blog but I like you to click on these three blogs so that our international traffic shows up more.  

Thanks for doing that.  I am wondering how things are going with your companions and if you got the money attached to the letter we sent.  

We talked to Jake on the phone tonight.  He is having a blast and loves USU.  Of course, the fact that there are about 80 girls and 12 guys in his ward is helping him.  He talked about how the girls feed him and that they actually cook.  He sounds happy and I hope that his credit load doesn't kick him.  He has 18 credits and a lot of homework but if he stays on top of it, he should be ok.  He loves the guitar class and his Book of Mormon Class too.  

Take Care, can you let us know what to do about purchasing a ticket for you?  Do we just do that automatically or do we have to talk to someone?  We are going to start watching the flights in the hopes of getting a deal.
Love you!

p.s. The pictures were sent to me from Jake, I don't know what the meaning of the muscle shirt pic is.  This middle picture is kids going on a QR code scavenger hunt in the library for orientation.

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