Saturday, December 28, 2013

Christmas Week

We are so excited to get to talk with you face to face on Wednesday! So, we will just start with that. 
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Just let us know what will work. 
So, this was one long crazy week! Dad and Jake got home late Monday night from SLC. Their flight was delayed so they didn't get home until about 11pm. Jake had to be at the dentist by 8am Tuesday morning too. The girls and I had school all week. Elizabeth had her music concert at Silver Hills on Tuesday. I ran over there after teaching all day, battle of the books after school and then 4 presentations on 21st Century Learning for Parent Information Night. She was the tallest girl on the back row. It was fun to hear them but the gym was packed and hot! 
Wednesday was filled with Rachel taking finals, Elizabeth and I in school and Jake just trying to relax at home. He is discovering that he isn't very good and doing nothing and it seems to drive him crazy. He and I went shopping Wednesday night. 
Thursday was the last day of school and early morning seminary for Dad and the girls! I had school on Friday. Rachel agreed to babysit for Mr. Grabhorn (triplets and a 7 year old). She woke up with a 102 fever and so I had to wake Jake up and ask him to babysit. He was a great sport and did the babysitting with Elizabeth. As you can imagine, it was a long hard day but he was so good about it. I told Rachel that she was lucky to have such a good brother! I finished my grades and then did some ordering and hanging some posters. I left school on time and picked up Jake. K&G was having a sale on suits - buy one and get three free. So, we got 4 suits and got them measured for alterations. We did pretty good. It is a lot easier to get his clothes than yours - just suits and shirts and pretty much done. Anyway, we decided to get them as who knows when we will be able to do it. With our luck, he will be sent to some tropical zone and won't need suits. :) It looks like he has all his information and paperwork done at this point. Then we went out to dinner and ate sushi! 
Saturday, Dad took all three kids (Rachel was feeling better) to the mall and I stayed home to watch Hallmark movies and wrap. It was nice for me but they had to fight all the crowds and ate at the mall. I went out to dinner with the girls that night and we saw a movie out at Flatirons. They have these new seats at the theatre that you have to reserve and they are huge comfy lounge chairs that even let you recline and the foot rest comes up. We saw Saving Mr. Banks and you will have to see it. It was wonderful! 
Today was the sacrament meeting program with Christmas music. The primary kids sang Away in a Manger. They were good and even sang parts on the chorus. Dad and Jake delivered gifts to Dad's hometeaching families and now we are all relaxing. 
Can't wait to see you! We love you!Love,Mom
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