Sunday, December 15, 2013

Israelsen Christmas Party and Owen's 50th Birthday and Mom's Birthday Celebration with Loralee

100+ People at the Israelsen Christmas Party!  

 Hello Zuster!

How are you?  We are crazy here!  Rachel is getting ready for finals and I am madly grading and getting ready for the end of the semester!  Dad has been gone for almost two weeks and he and Jake finally arrive tomorrow (Monday) night late.  He has been gone for a long time but is having a great time with the Israelsen's.  They had the family Christmas party and spotlighted his 50th birthday.  He is pretty excited. They had about 100 people at the party and our family only had 2 so the family is growing!  Grandpa looks good in the pictures.  He and Jake and Glenna went to the Hobbit last night.  It is the 2nd Hobbit movie.  I guess Rachel and I will go see it after finals etc. 

It looks like Jake will finish his first semester in college with all A's.  He has really been working so hard to make sure his grades are good.  He is  amazing.  I think he is looking forward to relaxing at home.  However, he has a dentist appointment on the first morning of his break at 8am with mission paper requirements in tow.  No rest for the wicked I guess.

I had the hour of code at school this week and all the kids in the school were able to do one hour of computer coding just to try it out.  My 4th and 5th graders got to write code for an Angry Birds Game.  It is such a great thing to teach them coding.  

I got a haircut, Rachel had a concert.  I sent you a link to the blog so you can hear one of their songs.  I should have recorded the first song, it was even better but I was trying to follow the rules about turning off my phone.

I am behind with my Christmas shopping but luckily your box showed up so there will be something to open!  Grandma Gail sent you a check for $100.  I will put that in your account.  I hope you get something you need or want!  We also put money in there so get something!  

So, Dad is trying to set up a way for us to talk to Grandma and Grandpa at the same time on Christmas - so a conference call with 3 people.  Dad set up an OOVOO Account.  Do you think there will be a problem with using this to talk to us?  It is a free conferencing site like Skype only they allow more than one person on the account.
I think there is a download so you will have to tell us what is okay with where you are using a computer.  My flat classroom leaders recommended this site too.  I guess Uncle Bert uses it a lot as well.  Let us know!  

Bobby is in the MTC this week and Glenna is trying to get me to help her set up a Blog.  

I had Primary music today and the kids are singing Away in the Manger next week in Sacrament Meeting.  It should be interesting. 

We love love love you!  
Happy Holidays,

December 8, 2013

Hello Zuster!  

How are you? I saw some pictures of you on Facebook - posted by a lady that I've never heard of.  You were holding up a pair of black gloves I think and something else that I couldn't tell.  It was fun to see it, but kind of odd.  :)j

Another busy week!  You dad was gone a couple of days and then he left tonight again.  He was in California this week.  One of the sales guys quit his job and now Dad has to try to cover his territory too.  He was lucky though and missed a few days of the sub zero weather we have been experiencing.  Apparently we are running a record of the coldest air since 1995 and are still waiting to warm up.  High temps have been around 5 and many minus 0 days and nights.  AND of course I had duty all week before and after school - Brrrrr!

My days at school have been very busy.  I traded schedules with 21st Century Learning classes so that we could bring the 7th graders into the library to do ecosystem glogsters.  Next week, we are starting the hour of code week where the kids are joining other kids around the world and trying their hand at coding for an hour.  We are going to code Angry Birds!  It is totally cool and the kids are going to love it!  

On Friday night, Loralee and I went downtown in the subzero weather to celebrate our birthdays and go to the symphony with Brian Stokes Mitchell.  It was wonderful!  We tried a new restaurant and were walking downtown in the below zero weather.  It was also the parade of lights so a lot of atmosphere and a fun evening!  

We put up the tree and still need to put up the count down quilts etc.  Music today was learning Away in a Manger with the parts and the kids sound great.  It is going to be good.  They are singing in sacrament meeting on the 22nd.  

I noticed that you took quite a large amount of money out of your account.  Is everything ok?  How are the Christmas celebrations in Belgium?  

Elizabeth has a concert this week and Dad is in Kansas City and some other small towns and then on to SLC for the Israelsen Christmas party on the 14th.  He is pretty excited!  Kelly is getting a birthday cake for the whole family for me and they are going to sing Happy Birthday to your Dad.  Jake and Dad are flying back to CO next Monday on the 16th.  Dad wants to spend a few days with Grandma and Grandpa.  

I love you!

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