Sunday, December 1, 2013

Thanksgiving 2013

The Captain's Table

Jake arrives from the airport 11/26/2013!

How many cooks does it take to make....
Hello Zuster!

What a week!  I taught for two days working to get caught up with projects and kids.  I left on time Tuesday to run to the store to get ready for Thanksgiving.  I got to Wal-Mart and there wasn't even one empty cart that's how busy the store was.  
We picked Jake up from the airport Tuesday night and came home to eat sausage casserole. Jake asked if we could have that before Thanksgiving.  He was excited to sleep in his own bed and try the new shower.  

Wednesday, we cooked and got ready for Thanksgiving.  The Beelek's showed up about 7:00pm and we ordered pizza for dinner.  Thursday morning Dad and I got up and stuffed the turkey and put it in the oven by 6:30am.  We ate at 12:30 with the Beelek's and the Ellis's.  It was yummy and I was just glad we made it.   Heather brought her yummy lemon bars, chocolate cake, turkey and cranberry salad!  We had potatoes, gravy, turkey, stuffing, shrimp salad and sweet potato souffle. We spent the afternoon playing games and having fun.  It was a nice group and a wonderful day.

We went to the movie on Friday before noon to get good prices and everyone split up to watch different movies.  Jake, Rachel, Katie and Michael went to Ender's Game.  Owen and I went to Catching Fire (since everyone else had already seen it) and Kris, Bob, Elizabeth, Ryan and Nathan went to the new Disney movie Frozen.  They didn't like it at all - sounds like Disney is losing its touch.  Jake saw some friends that evening and we played in the park for the afternoon.  The weather is incredible here right now - 65 all weekend.  

Saturday we made a big breakfast and played more games.  We liked Chicken Foot dominoes and Ryan, Elizabeth and Nathan were very fond of The Lord of the Rings Monopoly-so fond in fact that we had to have referees - oh I mean bankers for their games and finally had to hide the game.  They are very competitive and we decided that we need to work with Elizabeth on her sportsmanship and play more games with her.  

Headbandz Game!

The Captain's Table

Owen and Bob - notice the new light!
Elizabeth and Ryan
The Beelek's headed out about 2:00 or so and decided to drive back through  Wyoming.  They came over through Vail and stayed in Grand Junction but went back on I-80. That night Elizabeth got up and vomited all over the place...she left no surface untouched at about 2 in the morning and Dad and I had to spend almost a hour scrubbing and cleaning - gross!  She and I then stayed up for two more hours and watched the last episode of Dancing with the Stars.  Jake came up this morning telling us that he didn't feel very well and had been up in the night.  We had to stop and get medicine and a coke for him on the way to the airport.  He took off about noon today and we will really miss him.  He made it on the flight and to Logan without throwing up so all in all a success.  We found out that Michael and Katie were sick all night too.  Something going around in Denver I guess.  I had to do Primary Music today and was a little dizzy but we are starting to feel better tonight.  

Back to school tomorrow - bummer! 
Love you,

Jake and Rachel

Cory, Rachel and Katie!

Kris and Bob

Cousins at the Park - Football and Fun!

It's always a bummer when the fun ends.  Thanks for coming to Colorado!

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